God's Will

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Noun1.God's Will - the omnipotence of a divine being
omnipotence - the state of being omnipotent; having unlimited power
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The answer can only be, "It is God's will: it is God's prerogative to choose whomever God wills." The "how" of it all lies in the power of God that will accompany Mary in the fulfillment of her role.
God's will be done, Marcos said when asked by reporters about his chances.
A 19-year-old engineering student wrote a letter to his mother after he was sentenced to death by a military court, asking her to stay firm with her belief as "God's will shall prevail".
What she had heard about Jesus reminded her that God is not the author of death, that God takes no joy in destruction, that the sort of suffering she endured was not God's will. She may not have known a formal creed, but she believed that God wills fullness of life for all creatures.
You'll often hear a Turk use a form of speech that acknowledges God's will in reference to one's plans and future events.
Religion, in contrast, holds that the standard of moral value is God's will. If God wills that it is good to have faith in him and to obey his commands, then it is.
If a Soldier misses a target, it is because it was God's will for the Soldier to miss.
Let us go at once to the root of the evil: homosexual activity rages against God's will. God ordained the institution of marriage (Genesis 1: 27).
In extrinsic willing, on the other hand, God's will is efficacious of what God wills, as in the very creating of all things.
The gospels also teach us to not be overly hasty in accepting our suffering and proclaiming it God's will. As Jesus' life demonstrated, we should be open to even miraculous healings of both a physical and emotional sort.
Leibniz's point is that, if things are neither right nor wrong independently of God's will, then God cannot choose one thing over another because it is right.