God knows how

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Adv.1.God knows how - by some means not understood by the speaker; "God knows how he did it, but he did climbed that steep wall"
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God knows how hard I worked for this,' added the 29-year-old celebrity, who considers this particular business venture as a huge risk.
Only God knows how many Nigerians have been killed by Fulani herdsmen since APC- led Federal Government came to power.
Instead of converting the sport centre's swimming pool area into what would be one of the biggest gymnastics sports centres, with the seating already in place, they want to hold God knows how many committee meetings, with God knows how many organisations to find a use for the space.
A Word About Drones Every month, God knows how many people are killed in the name of the US in any of several countries, and God knows how many of these people were actually militants...
Brian had done it all, seen it all and got God knows how many T shirts.
Not because I have any intention of straying, but because my girlfriend has been nagging me to go on a last holiday with the boys for God knows how long.
God knows how they're going to do the tie-in Happy Meal toys.
GOD knows how many times I've defended football from accusations that it is merely an extension of the corporate leisure industry.
God knows how many circuit parties we've missed while feverishly passing notes to each other through the anorexic mannequins on the fourth floor of Barneys in Beverly Hills.
With pensioners still living on just over pounds 80 a week, and with hospitals, railways and God knows how many other more important groups screaming for cash, is our Government really allowing this?
Given that he only cost a mere pounds 350,000 when he signed last March and Villa's seven-day adventurist David Unsworth fetched ten times as much, God knows how much Unsworth's going to claim for his week's work at Bodymoor Heath.
Only God knows how a conversion comes about, and he does not need miraculous fireworks to bring it off or a press agent to talk it up.