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'Slackbridge, y'or over hetter in't; y'or a goen too fast!' But these were pigmies against an army; the general assemblage subscribed to the gospel according to Slackbridge, and gave three cheers for him, as he sat demonstratively panting at them.
(333) See GOEN, supra note 174, 65-107; MATHEWS, supra note 270, at 290 ("In the dissolution of a national identity within the churches, the moral disjunction of the United States was institutionalized.").
other postmillennialists, Edwards located the battle at Armageddon between "the present age" and "the latter days," a belief not widely held before Edwards proclaimed it (Goen 1959).
An alternate explanation for the non-standard structures arises from the theory that members of the Generation 1.5 learn most of their English through informal methods (Goen et al., 2002).
Goen (Broken Churches, Broken Nation [Macon, Ga.: Mercer University Press, 1985]), only one in seven Americans were church members in 1850 (55), so this higher percentage of black Georgia Baptist church members is remarkable.
INDIANA -- Troy Cambe, Robert Carter, Doug Evans, Kathy Goen, Keith Hartzell, Molly Hartzell, George Hedgeman, Mike Herron, Karen Hoof, Jerry Hootnick, June Kramer, Thomas Lucas, Whitney Moon, Paul Prulhiere, Renee Sonnenberg, Richard Stern, Edward Vazquez, Christine Vorrier, Kevin Welch, Hyacinth White
Murdoch's Professor Goen Ho, Dr Ralf Cord-Ruwisch and PhD student Ka Yu Cheng recently patented a new, more efficient BES, known as a rotatable bioelectrochemical contactor (RBEC).
The services we provide our districts will be greatly impacted," according to Scot Goen, the ESC's Executive Director.
"Aircraft programs have always been political footballs," says Jeff Goen, president of Local No.
Dutch lawyer Bob van der Goen lodged a compensation claim against Trafigura, demanding millions of euros in damages for the victims of toxic waste dumped in Abidjan.