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 (gûr′lĭts′, gœr′-)
A city of east-central Germany east of Dresden on the Polish border. It was founded c. 1200 and grew as a cloth-weaving center. A small part of the city on the eastern bank of the Neisse River was awarded to Poland after World War II.


(German ˈɡœrlɪts)
(Placename) a city in E Germany, in Saxony on the Neisse River: divided in 1945, the area on the E bank of the river becoming the Polish town of Zgorzelec. Pop: 58 518 (2003 est)


(ˈgœr lɪts)

a city in E Germany, on the Neisse River. 79,506.
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We never ever touched the cartouche," Dominique Goerlitz, one of the German defendants, said.
In three chapters, written by Uta Goerlitz (86-110), Christina Deutsch (111-21), and Andrej Doronin (123-50), the focus lies on German, or more precisely Bavarian, humanists: the famous Konrad Peutinger and Burkard Zink, both from Augsburg, and Johannes Aventinus.
Prosecutors say that Dominique Goerlitz and two associates entered a
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 18, 2014-American Heritage names David Goerlitz as spokesperson and member of its Advisory Board
A closed-down department store in Goerlitz, Germany's easternmost town on its border with Poland, served as the hotel.
The Notary was Mark Pepe, with supporting roles sung by Julia Fox, Jessica Wright, and Zac Goerlitz.
Our passengers, German football player Andreas Goerlitz and his band 'Room77,' entered the German charts with their song 'Finale Dahoam,' which was a proud moment for us all.
3) Section Arachnida, Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Goerlitz, Am Museum 1, Goerlitz, 02826 Germany; Kerstin.
The managing director of Conceptum, Norbert Goerlitz, added: "Our approach is to provide tailored global transport solutions based on a high degree of precision .
The condenser unit - a key part of the pounds 20m Sembcorp ST11 steam turbine generator - arrived at the Wilton International site by sea recently following its construction in Goerlitz, eastern Germany.
This myth, promulgated by historians such as Walter Goerlitz, who sees Paulus as a "responsible Commander-in-Chief," first and foremost serves to redeem the only German Field Marshal ever taken alive and clear his name from the accusation that "the downfall of our Reich can [.