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(gō′thəlz), George Washington 1858-1928.
American army officer and engineer who directed the construction of the Panama Canal (1907-1914).


(ˈgoʊ θəlz)

George Washington, 1858–1928, U.S. major general and chief engineer of the Panama Canal.
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Noun1.Goethals - United States army officer and engineer who supervised the construction of the Panama Canal (1858-1928)Goethals - United States army officer and engineer who supervised the construction of the Panama Canal (1858-1928)
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The Goethals Bridge modernization, for example, will produce a savings of $150 million.
Yet on the Continent he stands side by side with Tony Barton of Aston Villa, Raymond Goethals of Marseille and Artur Jorge of Porto - with a single Champions League triumph.
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Then at Old Trafford on Wednesday Belgian referee Guy Goethals bottled the biggest decision of the tournament when he failed to send off Kopke for a professional foul on Pierluigi Casiraghi.
Calling the PANYNJ a composition of of several line departments each with its own operating and capital conditions, he discussed TransHudson improvements on the Goethals, Bayonne and GW Bridges; over $3 billion investment in the PATH system; work at LaGuardia and Newark Airports; the Port Department's intermodal improvements; and the WTC site construction.
The Port Authority will work with partner agencies to institute lane closures this weekend and/or next week at the Goethals Bridge, George Washington Bridge and Palisades Interstate Parkway, Bayonne Bridge, and Holland Tunnel.
The neighborhood features multiple parks and a beach area with proximity to Route 440, the Bayonne Bridge, the Staten Island Expressway and the Goethals and Verrazano bridges.
Kopke didn't even get a yellow card from Belgian referee Guy Goethals, and to add insult to injury he stayed on to save Gianfranco Zola's eighth minute penalty.