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n.1.A silly clown.
1.A game. See Golf.
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Sharkey and George Goff, in which the latter was shot, and thought mortally wounded.
The MSU Stakeout, a July tent sale, a traveling chuck wagon dispensing almostfree lunches during summer weekends, and other special events are usually conducted on a companywide basis to attract shoppers to each Goff store.
But according to Goff, "it doesn't fall to presidential campaigns to be early adopters" of brand new social media apps because they have "limited resources" and are "trying to reach the maximum number of people.
Le Goff es una historiador a quien uno de sus profesores, Marc Bloch, lo llamo el "ogro historiador" y se considera que el "atrapo" la Edad Media del confinamiento; se intereso en la periferia mas alla de los limites de Escandinavia y el Mediterraneo porque las fronteras no estan muy bien delimitadas.
Le Goff, estudioso de lo maravilloso y lo cotidiano y de la vida intelectual en los siglos xii y xiii--no falto quien le reprochara que el traslado del concepto moderno de "intelectual" al periodo escolastico era anacronico--, pensaba que la Edad Media habia durado mas de lo que aseguraba el consenso historiografico.
USA GROUPS started doing business as Goff Communications in the wireless industry in 1958, deploying mission critical microwave networks for the White House Communications Agency and connecting secure locations under President Eisenhower.
Goff, who is chairman and CEO of Fort Worth-based Crescent Real Estate Equities, is purchasing oil on an unleveraged basis with cash developing a warehouse of oil investments, which is a page Goff is taking from his longtime mentor, the late Richard Rainwater's book.
Dark Waters is the first thriller in a planned series by award-winning mystery author Chris Goff.
EL Dorado Goff & Country Club Private/reciprocal
We've talked about it," Goff said at the Pac-12 media day event before the season.
Detectives from the Ministry of Defence's Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) contacted Goff this month.