Gog and Magog

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Gog and Ma·gog

 (gŏg; mā′gŏg)
In Judeo-Christian tradition, the satanic powers who wage war against God and the righteous at the end of the world.
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Gog and Magog

(ɡɒɡ; ˈmeɪɡɒɡ)
1. (Bible) Old Testament a hostile prince and the land from which he comes to attack Israel (Ezekiel 38)
2. (Bible) New Testament two kings, who are to attack the Church in a climactic battle, but are then to be destroyed by God (Revelation 20:8–10)
3. (European Myth & Legend) folklore Brit two giants, the only survivors of a race of giants destroyed by Brutus, the legendary founder of Britain
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Gog and Ma•gog

(ˈgɒg ən ˈmeɪ gɒg)
nations led by Satan at Armageddon against the kingdom of God. Rev. 20:8.
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Noun1.Gog and Magog - biblical names of the enemies of God's people who wage war against God at the end of the world; "in the Book of Ezekiel Gog is a ruler from the land of Magog but in the Book of Revelation Gog and Magog are nations under the rule of Satan"
mythical being - an imaginary being of myth or fable
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"Their names are Gog and Magog. Gog looks to the right and Magog to the left.
Here they may resemble those great hordes of the North, "Gog and Magog with their bands," that haunted the gloomy imaginations of the prophets.
Casaubon's theory of the elements which made the seed of all tradition was not likely to bruise itself unawares against discoveries: it floated among flexible conjectures no more solid than those etymologies which seemed strong because of likeness in sound until it was shown that likeness in sound made them impossible: it was a method of interpretation which was not tested by the necessity of forming anything which had sharper collisions than an elaborate notion of Gog and Magog: it was as free from interruption as a plan for threading the stars together.
And for this purpose, he is taking all corrupts of the country into account without any sort of compromise owing to which incumbent government has come under immense criticism over each policy and step adopted and taken by it so far, which is definitely itself a change as previous gog and magog governments had never faced such criticism in the past.
Mention of 'nau-gaza peers' as they are known in the East, or Gog and Magog as they are known in the west, are somehow, rather loosely, tied up with religious entities.
Among the topics are defining Christianity and Judaism from the perspective of religious anarchy: Buber on Jesus and the Ba'al Shem Tov, the hard and the soft: moments in the reception of Martin Buber as a political thinker, from genius to taste, his aestheticism, Martin Buber and Leo Strauss: notes on a strained relationship, and the tragedy of the messianic dialectic: his novel Gog and Magog. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
Much has been written over the past two millennia about Gog and Magog, the northern barbarians to whom an important eschatological role was assigned by Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
Among the photos from the Leaskdale period are the manse (now designated a national historical site), the churches at both Leaskdale and Zepher, and Gog and Magog, the china dogs in whose presence Maud did much of her writing.
As they moved across eastern Europe during 1240s, the Tartars unleashed such horrors that they became identified with Gog and Magog, the ferocious, monstrous hordes described in the biblical Apocalypse.
During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and China served very well as the Gog and Magog of this scenario, but since the end of that convenient pairing, Islam has emerged as the next best example of the enemy that opposes Israel, a notion that plays very well with that state's own sense of insecurity.
Traditional Christian visions of the End of Time foresaw a time of tribulation brought on by the biblical destroyers Gog and Magog descending upon Christendom.