Going forth

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(Script.) Outlet; way of exit.
A limit; a border.
- Ezek. xliv. 5.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Your going forth is a grief to us as well as to yourself.
Alleyne Edricson bent his head while the Abbot poured out his heartfelt supplication that Heaven would watch over this young soul, now going forth into the darkness and danger of the world.
Kennedy once said: 'The human mind is our fundamental resource.' Going forth from this point, I feel there is a dire need for us to have psychologists in almost every sphere of life.
Community Open Day Going Forth for local produce and crafts' will be the theme of the annual community open say on Saturday, August 25 from noon-4pm at Craigend Farm, Auchenbowie.
We've always done it despite the odds, and I know that we will accomplish what we need to and more going forth. Right now, the group of newspapers I lead from the news side has recently been acquired by local investors who are committed to making ours the best local newspaper group in the country.
Going forth into aerospace, the mellow drones repeat the golden rule: do unto others before others do to you.
We discuss Abraham's Lech Lechahis going forth to an unknown destinationas if we really knew what it meant.
He predicted: "Young lady Muni, in a future time, once ninety-one innumerable eons will have elapsed, you too will become truly awakened, you will bear the name Sakyamuni, and you will become a Buddha endowed with the ten epithets." (15) Then, as the princess heard the prediction made by the Blessed One, she became extremely happy, paid homage [bowing] with her head at the feet of the Blessed One, and requested the going forth. Accordingly, the Blessed One gave her the permission to go forth, and she put forth relentless energy [in the practice].
"Contrary to recent reports that a lawsuit was going forth by Paul Brooks and Early Bird Productions against Mr.
GOING FORTH: The ferry route from Rosyth to Zeebrugge, dropped by Superfast earlier this year, will be restarted by Norfolkline in May
"We expect to be the most significant player in Sudbury going forth."
We, on the other hand, are going forth and multiplying.