Going forth

(Script.) Outlet; way of exit.
A limit; a border.
- Ezek. xliv. 5.

See also: Going, Going

References in classic literature ?
Your going forth is a grief to us as well as to yourself.
Alleyne Edricson bent his head while the Abbot poured out his heartfelt supplication that Heaven would watch over this young soul, now going forth into the darkness and danger of the world.
We've always done it despite the odds, and I know that we will accomplish what we need to and more going forth.
Going forth into aerospace, the mellow drones repeat the golden rule: do unto others before others do to you.
We discuss Abraham's Lech Lechahis going forth to an unknown destinationas if we really knew what it meant.
15) Then, as the princess heard the prediction made by the Blessed One, she became extremely happy, paid homage [bowing] with her head at the feet of the Blessed One, and requested the going forth.
Contrary to recent reports that a lawsuit was going forth by Paul Brooks and Early Bird Productions against Mr.
We expect to be the most significant player in Sudbury going forth.
We, on the other hand, are going forth and multiplying.
Going forth to baptize the ends of the earth with the gospel message is a huge undertaking, and it's not going to be accomplished while we sit around and ponder the fine points of Jesus' celestial return.
Barbara Gladstone, who represents Barney in New York, said of the concession, "It was a disappointment, but we're going forth .
Book of the Dead (more accurately Book of Going Forth By Day) Collection of ancient Egyptian mortuary texts made up of spells or magic formulas; copies of the work were placed in tombs to protect and aid the deceased in the afterlife.