Gold knobs

(Bot.) buttercups.

See also: Gold

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
He turned over the pages with great decision, as if he were judging the book in its entirety, the printing and paper and binding, as well as the poetry, and then, having satisfied himself of its good or bad quality, he placed it on the writing-table, and examined the malacca cane with the gold knob which had belonged to the soldier.
There he was in deep mourning, with his smooth bow and his deadly smile, and some idle boys and women near him, staring at his great size, his fine black clothes, and his large cane with the gold knob to it.
Waule had to defer her answer till he was quiet again, till Mary Garth had supplied him with fresh syrup, and he had begun to rub the gold knob of his stick, looking bitterly at the fire.
Meanwhile, Lord Verisopht enjoyed unmolested the full flavour of the gold knob at the top of his cane, as he would have done to the end of the interview if Mr Wititterly had not come home, and caused the conversation to turn to his favourite topic.
If the Legislature considers any adjustments to the recently-approved 2017-19 Capital Budget, a prime opportunity may present itself to secure such funding for work at the Saddle Rock site (officially known as the Gold Knobs. Prospects Project).
He said that in 1909, the Boston Post newspaper presented 700 towns in its readership area with ebony canes topped with engraved gold knobs, to be presented to the town's oldest man.
The gold knobs and classic box-like shape that gives it an antique look are free add-ons.
I move to a flashy over-priced cooker with gold knobs, just to excite Carol and terrify the husband.
The gold knobs on John's bed were also sprayed silver to match the decor.
QI've got an old white MDF chest that would look fine if it wasn't for the ugly gold knobs on it.
"Since it was covered in varnish, Lesley sanded it down, then we coated it with the same blue wood wash, added four new gold knobs, and now it looks better than new."