Gold nugget

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a lump of gold as found in gold mining or digging; - called also a pepito.

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A MAN was left stunned after he uncovered the heaviest gold nugget found in the UK in more than 200 years, worth an incredible PS50,000.
com)-- Local Firm PHX Architecture is an "Award of Merit Winner" in Six Categories in the 52nd Annual Gold Nugget Awards Competition.
Steve, an eighteen-year Anchorage resident and avid gold miner, is showcasing several of his own original gold nugget jewelry pieces.
85-kilogram) gold nugget that was "practically lying on bare ground", reports Xinhua news agency.
5 kg gold nugget worth around $295,000 in the town of Ballarat.
A MYSTERY bidder has paid pounds 285,000 for an 8lb gold nugget found in California's famous Gold Rush country.
Travel Business Review-21 June 2010-Pennsylvania Lottery Announces Winners for Gold Nugget Instant Game(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
If you lose a gold nugget, you get penalised by five minutes.
In 1989 a gold nugget was discovered at Clay Lake, Co Armagh, which weighed in at 28gms.
The gold nugget was found in the company's Mary's East underground workings during sampling and grade control work.
Thus the complete Australian Gold Nugget proof series depicts a total of 12 different Australian gold nuggets.
The glitter of a gold nugget or flake immediately catches the eye.