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First noticed by 'The Golden Lasso,' a Wonder Woman fan site, side-by-side images of the outfits worn by the Amazonian Family in both films featured a drastic change.
But, if I were forced to tell the truth, perhaps by being encircled by Wonder Woman''s golden lasso of truth - and if that appears unlikely, I would suggest it would be no more unlikely than anybody wanting my opinion - I would say that I was conflicted.
There, with her Amazonian strength, defensive bracelets, and golden lasso (which made anyone it snared tell the truth), she fought for her adopted American homeland as Wonder Woman--while assuming the secret identity of Diana Prince and forging a lasting romance with the mortal who had captured her heart.
I've created a couple of quick makeovers in which I twirled the Photoshop golden lasso over Dannii just a little to see if she has an Amazon princess quality.