n.1.(Zool.) A duck (Glaucionetta clangula), found in Northern Europe, Asia, and America. The American variety (var. Americana) is larger. Called whistler, garrot, gowdy, pied widgeon, whiteside, curre, and doucker. Barrow's golden-eye of America (Glaucionetta Islandica) is less common.
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Upon retrieving it, he was pleased to see he had shot a drake golden-eye, a rare encounter in the flooded woodlands of southwest Arkansas.
To think my biggest worry as a teenager was beating the high score on Golden-Eye on the Nintendo64, I find it incomprehensible to imagine how some teenagers must feel when they hear the word 'cancer' for the first time.
Not since the truly glorious Golden-Eye have we seen a truly brilliant 007 title.
In fact in a scene from Golden-Eye, Pierce Brosnan presses a button on his Aston Martin's dashboard to reveal a frosty bottle of Bollinger and two glasses, which he then shares with the lucky lady passenger.
Famke Janssen (Xenia Onatopp, Golden-Eye, 1995) "Enjoy it while it lasts.
99)LAUNCHED over a year ago, Golden-Eye is still a firm favourite with 64 players - it has shifted some half a million copies in the UK alone.
Aston Martins also appeared in Golden-eye and Tomorrow Never Dies.
The legendary Scot, who lives in the Bahamas, is looking for a villa at Golden-eye in Jamaica.
Beautful Golden-eye actress Izabella Scorupco is to return for the next blockbusting 007 adventure.
GMS) has debuted the Golden- Eyes II SB2002-MD multi-domain server, the latest in the Golden-Eyes family of ultra-rugged, small, and extremely lightweight computer systems.