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Noun1.Goldmark - United States inventor (born in Hungary) who made the first TV broadcast in 1940 and invented the long-playing record in 1948 and pioneered videocassette recording (1906-1977)
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This exhibition is being held in collaboration with Goldmark Gallery, in particular Mike Goldmark, whose association with The Albany Gallery goes back many years.
UCPA's physicians are Leonard Bloom MD, Gary Friedlander MD, Ellen Goldmark MD, Michael Isaacson MD, Jonathan White MD, Murray Lieberman MD, Juan Litvak, MD, Mark Rosenblum, MD, Nizamuddin Marufm MD, Roberto Pedraza MD, Bartholomew Radolinski MD, Mark Ratner MD, Robert Sher MD and Kathleen Sterling, MD.
1948: The first successfully produced long-playing (microgroove) records were unveiled by Dr Peter Goldmark of Columbia Records.
Sandra Goldmark and Deanna Fitzgerald advocate for a more thoughtful approach to production.
KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, has won an order to supply 62 elevators to Goldmark City, a new residential development in Hanoi, Vietnam.
To understand what it meant to be German in this context--who counted as German, and who did not--Brodbeck focuses on the music-critical reception of three Austrian composers of either Jewish or Czech heritage who were all denied, at some point, German identity: Carl Goldmark, Antonin Dvorak, and Bedrich Smetana.
Larson's experience also includes working as a property manager of Goldmark Property Management.
I lost my singing cohort [band founder Kathi Kamen Goldmark, who passed away], so I recruited Mary Karr [The Liars' Club}.
He trained under three world-renowned scientists: Werner von Braun (Father of Rocket Science), Peter Carl Goldmark (early color television, LP record and EVR/Beta) and Dr.
Its lyrics were written by Jamie Houston, Dean James Hicks and Andy Goldmark, produced by Derek George, Dann Huff and Bryan himself.
1948: The first successfully produced long-|playing (microgroove) records were unveiled by Dr Peter Goldmark of Columbia Records.
David Ake, Charles Hiroshi Garrett, and Daniel Goldmark, eds.