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 (gōl-dō′nē), Carlo 1707-1793.
Italian dramatist who wrote more than 250 plays, including The Mistress of the Inn (1753).


(Italian ɡolˈdoːni)
(Biography) Carlo (ˈkarlo). 1707–93, Italian dramatist; author of over 250 plays in Italian or French, including La Locandiera (1753). His work introduced realistic Italian comedy, superseding the commedia dell'arte


(gɔlˈdoʊ ni)

Carlo, 1707–93, Italian playwright.
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Noun1.Goldoni - prolific Italian dramatist (1707-1793)Goldoni - prolific Italian dramatist (1707-1793)
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In the early sixties of our own century I was no more conscious of his realism than he was himself a hundred years before; but I had eyes in my head, and I saw that what he had seen in Venice so long before was so true that it was the very life of Venice in my own day; and because I have loved the truth in art above all other things, I fell instantly and lastingly in love with Carlo Goldoni.
That was left for the romanticists of our own century to discover; even the romanticists whom Goldoni drove from the stage, were of that simpler eighteenth-century sort who had not yet liberated the individual from society, but held him accountable in the old way.
I do not insist upon this possibility, and I am far from defending myself for liking the comedies of Goldoni better than the comedies of Moliere, upon purely aesthetic grounds, where there is no question as to the artistic quality.
music THEATRE One Man Two Guvnors Based on the classic Italian comedy, The Servant of Two Masters, by Carlo Goldoni.
Directed by Richard Tunley, the play is based on the book The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni and set in Brighton in the swinging 60s.
Las funciones se llevaran a cabo los dias 4, 11 y 18 de febrero a las 19 horas, y el 25 --a la misma hora--se escenificara funcion especial de La viuda astuta de Cario Goldoni, tambien con direccion de Silva, para concluir el Mes dedicado a la Comedia del Arte (febrero) en el Centro Cultural Jose Marti (Dr.
Cassavetes--one of the first modern indie filmmakers --showed Italian-American actress Lelia Goldoni in a passionate relationship with a white man.
com)-- West Coast Players will present the madcap Italian comedy, The Servant of Two Masters by Carolo Goldoni adapted by Constance Congdon, April 15 - May 1, 2016.
De Berthold Brecht a Koltes, en passant par les grands classiques tels Moliere et Shakespeare, ainsi que les auteurs maghrebins, le barde Abderrahmane El-Majdoub, Allalou a Kaki, la [beaucoup moins que] Commedia Dell'arte [beaucoup plus grand que] ou en adaptant des textes de Gogol, Goldoni, Aziz Nesin et autres ecrivains, Alloula a puise dans le patrimoine local, maghrebin et universel, son but etant de parachever un nouveau theatre algerien a valeur universelle.
Existe en la adopcion de la zarzuela << nueva >> un primer periodo, entre 1764 y 1769, en el que la mayor parte de las operas que se traducen son de Carlo Goldoni, que inevitablemente seran el modelo en estos primeros anos (7).
This Richard Bean comedy, based on The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, seems a shade confusing early on, but it matters not a jot as the action speeds up, with even a spot of 'audience participation.
While Hannah Arendt's political theory has been addressed at length by the academy, her legal theory has been almost entirely neglected by both Arendt scholars and the legal community alike, despite her considerable interest in the relationship between law and politics, contend Goldoni (Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values, U.