Golgi body

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Golgi body


Golgi apparatus


Golgi complex

(Biology) a membranous complex of vesicles, vacuoles, and flattened sacs in the cytoplasm of most cells: involved in intracellular secretion and transport
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Gol′gi bod′y

one of the layers of flattened sacs in a Golgi apparatus. Also called dictyosome.
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Noun1.Golgi body - a netlike structure in the cytoplasm of animal cells (especially in those cells that produce secretions)Golgi body - a netlike structure in the cytoplasm of animal cells (especially in those cells that produce secretions)
cytol, cytoplasm - the protoplasm of a cell excluding the nucleus; is full of proteins that control cell metabolism
vesicle, cyst - a small anatomically normal sac or bladderlike structure (especially one containing fluid)
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Explaining in more detail, Dr Nader said that the VLDLR protein associates intracellularly with the mPR protein and assures its transport from a part of the cell called the Golgi body, which serves as a delivery depot, to the plasma membrane.
Cytoplasm contained osmiophilic lamellar bodies, mitochondria and Golgi body. Most of the epithelial cells of P.
3 SIGNED, SEALED DELIVERED The processing, packaging and shipping of the numerous proteins and other big molecules made within a cell is the purview of the Golgi body (purple), which along with the chromosomes (green), gets divided up during mitosis.

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