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or gol·li·wogg  (gŏl′ē-wŏg′)
A doll fashioned in grotesque caricature of a black male.

[After Golliwog, a doll character in books by Bertha Upton (1849-1912), British-born American author, and her daughter, Florence Upton (1873-1922), American-born British illustrator.]


or gol•li•wog

(ˈgɒl iˌwɒg)

n. (sometimes cap.)
1. a grotesque black doll.
2. a grotesque person.
[1890–95; after the name of a doll in an illustrated series of children's books by Bertha Upton (d. 1912), U.S. writer, and Florence Upton (d. 1922), illustrator]
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Noun1.golliwogg - a grotesque black doll
doll, dolly - a small replica of a person; used as a toy
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A member of an extreme far-right group who posted videos of himself onstage dressed in Klu Klux Klan robes hanging a life-size gollywog doll has pleaded guilty to stirring racial hatred.
8.15 (260m): Come On Emma (scr), Tks Boy (scr), Rashion Book (scr), Golden Gollywog (1), Dolly Daydream (1), Ella's Boy (1).
The play Gollywog written by Bonnie Farmer and read at the conference workshop mentored by Professor David Edgecombe was selected by the Black Theatre Workshop Artistic Director Quincy Amorer and further work-shopped and presented as a part of the BTW's professional reading series.
Objects give materiality to tangible manifestations of both personal and collective identities as well as cultural stereotyping, ranging from a hijab in football colours to a contemporary gollywog. A chronological history of race-based science, politics and social engineering is provided through a graphic timeline.
Hence the sensitive Ms Campbell is considering legal action against Cadbury and an organisation called Operation Black Vote says the advert likened blacks to chocolate and was as bad as calling the model a gollywog.
Maybe Hodder are also worried about Blyton's world-view, and wanted to dilute the aspects of her fiction which may be distasteful to modern readers - in much the same way as her Noddy stories have had the Gollywog airbrushed out of the narrative.
FOLLOWING the rumpus over Carol Thatcher's 'gollywog' remarks, TV presenter and general egghead Mark Lawson wondered aloud whether we should all report on what we hear said in private.
A Florence Upton made a doll based on a character in a children's book of that age which became known as a 'gollywog'.
I had a gollywog, about 4ft tall when I was a child and I loved every inch of him.
For little Betty: a corkwork set, a gollywog, a musical skipping-rope.
THE Connolly episode is just the latest in the same PC brigade assault that took the gollywog off Robertson's jam, banned Ba Bru, Sandy's little Irn Bru Indian sidekick and has just stopped kids playing conkers without safety glasses.
So, the little fellow - originally 'Gollywog' and shortened to 'Golly' for political correctness in the late 20th century - was sacked.