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n. Irish

[Irish Gaelic gaimbín, diminutive of gamba, smidgen, lump.]


(Banking & Finance) Irish usury
[C19: from Irish Gaelic gaimbín interest on a loan, from Middle English cambie exchange, barter, from Latin cambium]
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Mr Reynolds said he felt "dreadful" when he read a November, 1994, article in The Sunday Times headlined: "Goodbye Gombeen Man. Why a fib too far proved fatal."
The 63-year-old former premier is suing the Sunday Times over a story in 1994 headlined "Goodbye Gombeen Man".
This was followed by two solid novels using Irish lore: Children of the Dead End (1914), lives of Donegal migratory workers in the potato and, turnip fields of Scotland, and The Rat-Pit (1915), which satirizes greedy Scots farmers, a Donegal priest and a gombeen man, and the quarrelsome, ignorant workers, themselves.
Stoker, who is credited with inventing the phrase 'the undead' and the 'gombeen man' was Ireland's first ever drama critic.
It is a ritual meant as well to reintegrate Red Will Danaher, who as a gombeen man or acquisitive purchaser of other people's property has throughout the film displayed proto-American tendencies toward what C.
The story, headed "Goodbye gombeen man. Why a fib too far proved fatal", had accused the former leader of the Fianna Fail party of misleading the Dail and lying to his Labour colleagues.
During his life Larkin avoided public comment on poets whose work he was unable to praise, but the reader of The Selected Letters now found that in private he jokily caricatured Heaney as "the Gombeen man" (SL 636).
But in this land of sleaze and cronyism, the gombeen man is king.
The paper published an article in November 1994 under the headline "Goodbye gombeen man".
The whole world can call me a fibber or a gombeen man, because I won't be suing.I'll keep my pennies in my pocket.
And they decided he was libelled by The Sunday Times in its report headed `Goodbye gombeen man. Why a fib too far proved fatal'.
Mr Reynolds is suing over a November 1994 report headed Goodbye gombeen man. Why a fib too far proved fatal.