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 (gŏm′pərz), Samuel 1850-1924.
British-born American labor leader who as president of the American Federation of Labor (1886-1924, except 1895) won higher wages, shorter hours, and greater freedom for union members.


(Biography) Samuel. 1850–1924, US labour leader, born in England; a founder of the American Federation of Labor and its president (1886–94; 1896–1924)


(ˈgɒm pərz)

Samuel, 1850–1924, U.S. labor leader, born in England.
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Noun1.Gompers - United States labor leader (born in England) who was president of the American Federation of Labor from 1886 to 1924 (1850-1924)Gompers - United States labor leader (born in England) who was president of the American Federation of Labor from 1886 to 1924 (1850-1924)
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Time and the world had rolled on, Gompers was gone, the American Federation of Labour was gone, and gone was Debs with all his wild revolutionary ideas; but the dream had persisted, and here it was at last realized in fact.
Led by Samuel Gompers, and later persuaded by anti-socialists such as David Dubinksy of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and Sidney Hillman of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, the AFL sabotaged political party organizing.
What he finds is that the "traditions of all the dead generations [Samuel Gompers, George Meany, and Lane Kirkland]" do indeed "weigh like a nightmare" on Sweeney, Trumka, and Chavez-Thompson.
Buhle is author of Taking Care of Business: Samuel Gompers, George Meany, Lane Kirkland and the Tragedy of American Labor (Monthly Review).
Besides capitalists, the members of the Fund's executive board also incurred the hatred of Samuel Gompers and the American Federation of Labor.
A useful addition to recent reconsiderations of Samuel Gompers is the reminder that, as early as 1877, Gompers was skeptical about the inclusion of poor and unassimilated workers in his union.
If one looks at the labor movement and its relationship to the courts one sees that Samuel Gompers - as much as one might like to dismiss him - was aggressive in working for his membership.
In addition to those papers, Gompers (1994b) provides an updated history and an interesting analysis of the venture capital industry.
The Telegraph quoted Daimy, the daughter of Netherlands' archery team member Paul Gompers, called the experience 'nice'.
Samuel Gompers,founder of the AmericanFederation of Labor, 1893.
Sophie Wang, an economics PhD student at Harvard, and Paul Gompers, a professor at Harvard Business School, surveyed venture capitalist-backed start-ups to find out genders of senior partners' children, reports Huffington Post.
Como inovacao, acrescenta-se a utilizacao do coeficiente beta, como proxy ao risco do ativo, a metodologia Wealth Relative Buy-and-Hold (WRBH), desenvolvida por Ritter (1991), Brav e Gompers (1997) e Cao e Lerner (2009).