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 (gō′nə-ēv′, gô-nä-)
A city of western Haiti on an arm of the Caribbean Sea north-northwest of Port-au-Prince. Haitian independence was proclaimed here in 1804.


(French ɡɔnaiv)
(Placename) a port in W Haiti, on the Gulf of Gonaïves; scene of the proclamation of Haiti's independence (1804). Pop: 104 825 (2003)


(Fr. gɔ naˈiv)

a seaport in W Haiti. 34,209.
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Project Details: On behalf of the Canadian International Development Agency, UNOPS is constructing a new departmental hospital at Artibonite in Gonaives, Haiti.
On a sun-speckled afternoon, I sat down with Lyonel Trouillot outside the city of Gonaives, Haiti, for his thoughts on free expression in the country.
NACIDO EN GONAIVES, Haiti, en 1922, Alexis crecio en un ambiente familiar de discusion politica, de critica, de pensamiento y de conciencia.
A Haitian man unloads water donated by the World Food Program at a private port in Gonaives, Haiti, Sept.
When I called one of his uncles, a retired bishop, at his home in Gonaives, Haiti, he said he had "no interest in anything Emmanuel Constant," and hung up.