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 (gŏn′dər, -där′) also Gon·der (-dər)
A town of northwest Ethiopia on Lake Tana. It was the capital of Ethiopia from 1635 to 1855.


(Placename) a city in NW Ethiopia: capital of Ethiopia from the 17th century until 1868. Pop: 191 000 (2005 est)


(ˈgɒn dər)

a city in NW Ethiopia, N of Lake Tana: a former capital. 166,593.
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Project Description : To Set up Cancer treatment center in Gonder, Ethiopia
In addition, it was calculated the filtration resistance according the Darcy's Law (Equation 5) for laminar flow in the membrane pores as found elsewhere (Aydiner, Kaya, Gonder, & Vergili, 2010, Briao & Tavares, 2012, Baklouti, Kamoun, Ellouze-Ghorbel, & Chaabouni, 2013).
Hundreds of devotees jump that day in Fasiladas' Baths at Gonder We crossed the beautiful Simien Mountains and after cornering the whole day on lovely and quiet mountain roads, we reached Aksum.
Matteo Muratori, Jacob Holden, Michael Lammert, Adam Duran, Stanley Young, and Jeffrey Gonder
Gonder Custom Construction, Duane Goehner and Corvetta Goehner
At least 10 people have been killed in Gonder northern Ethiopia in clashes as locals with security forces.
En los documentos de Mossack Fonseca aparece como accionista y director unico de Gonder International Ltd.
1998; Spiegel, Kraemer, Bloom, & Gottheil, 1989; Stone, Mezzacappa, Donatone, & Gonder, 1999) and an increased chance of recovery in the event that either disease strikes.
The finishing providers include Jim Kehring (AB Graphic), Jay Stromberg (Delta ModTech), Mete Gonder (Gonderflex) and Simon Gross (CEI).
Of the Cuban players, future major leaguers Tony Gonzalez, Leo Cardenas, and Cookie Rojas stood out, as did Venezuelan Elio Chacon, and Americans Jesse Gonder, Larry Novak, and Ted Wieand.
Meanwhile security forces in Ethiopia's northern Gonder city detained ten members of Ginbot-7, an exiled opposition movement designated as a terrorist entity by Addis Ababa.
Alagoz was a close friend of the now-imprisoned Orhan Gazi Gonder, who allegedly planted the June 5 bomb in Diyarbakir that killed four.