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Noun1.Gongorist - a practitioner of the affected elegant style of the Spanish poet Gongora
practician, practitioner - someone who practices a learned profession
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As an early expression of the sermo humilis, it is part of a later theme that runs through Lope's reactions to the gongorist contortions of obscure language.
19) Though the seventeenth-century controversy surrounding Gongora's Soledades underscored the poems' cryptic nature and detachment from a Christian literary ethos, some readers, including Tejeda and other colonial gongorists, may have perceived spiritual or religious value in Gongora's Soledades.
76] The tradition, including rime piacevoli (pleasant verses) by Girolamo Ruscelli, Francesco Sansovino, Antonfrancesco Doni, II Lasca (Antonf rancesco Grazzini), and others, [77] and rime grottesche (grotesque verses) by Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo, [78] continues down to, and merges in part with, the astuzie (tricks) and argutezze (subtleties), the hyperboles and incongruities of the marinists and gongorists.