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I've loved it ever since my mum saved up enough blue 'divi' stamps for a set of liquor glasses adorned with various gonks. Gonks were MASSIVE in the 60s and 70s, as Humpty from Play School will tell you.
But sleepovers when my son was that age would invariably involve a houseful of testosterone-fuelled little boys brandishing weaponry - until bedtime, when out would come piles of threadbare cuddly gonks, without which none of them could sleep.
There was also an abundance of gudgeon feeding this week as Les Smith recorded a net of more than 60 "gonks."
They appeared in the 1965 film Gonks Go Beat and formed a trio called Odin's People with Larry Johns.
The Gonks were on a small display, hidden away from the crowd, but I was captivated because I recognised a perfect present and, as it was Press day, they gave me one for free for showing interest.
Yvonne Bentley, 55, HR manager from North Shields, North Tyneside, said: "I used to collect gonks about 40 years ago.
They released a self-titled album on the Parlophone label in 1961 before going on to appear in the feature film Gonks Go Beat (1965).
"We have the chosen ones on the list and then gonks or people who have never been heard of.
"You'd have one of those gonks in a tatty paper bag and you'd look after it," says Steve.
Lucky "Why weren't we told this year that our kids had to do more than put their lucky gonks on the desk to earn an A?" A legion of spud-pickers, poachers, thatchers, rat-catchers, beaters, willow weavers, coopers, muck-spreaders, pheasant pluckers and ferreters stood up and applauded loudly.
Then, as I got a little older, it was toys and gonks.