beaked salmon

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Noun1.beaked salmon - fish of sandy areas of western Pacific and Indian oceans having an angular snout for burrowing into sand
malacopterygian, soft-finned fish - any fish of the superorder Malacopterygii
genus Gonorhynchus, Gonorhynchus - slender cylindrical marine fishes lacking air bladders and teeth
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The five extant ostariophysan orders are also covered in the analysis, including all extant gonorynchiform genera: Chanos, Gonorynchus, Phractolaemus, Kneria, Parakneria, Cromeria and Grasseichthys (Gonorynchiformes), Opsariichthys, Barbus, Danio, Cobitis and Catostomus (Cypriniformes), Xenocharax, Distichodus, Citharinus and Brycon (Characiformes), Sternopygus, Gymnotus and Brachyhypopomus (Gymnotiformes) and Diplomystes, Nematogenys, Trichomycterus, Callichthys, Cetopsis, Silurus, Pimelodus, Bagrus and Chrysichthys (Siluriformes).
Gonorynchus); mandibulohyoid and mandibulo-interopercular ligaments not wellseparated from each other (87: 0 [right arrow] 1, not reverted within fishes examined of this clade C12, and only occurring independently in a few taxa outside the clade as e.g.
As noted by these authors, the swimbladder is missing in Gonorynchus specimens, but these specimens do have remains of a silvery peritoneal tunic associated to the structures of the anterior free vertebrae.