Good Neighbor Policy

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Good′ Neigh′bor Pol`icy

a U.S. policy of nonintervention to encourage friendly relations among the nations of the Western Hemisphere, presented by President Roosevelt in 1933.
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4) Cinco de Mayo wasn't recognized in the United States until 1933 when President Franklin Roosevelt helped create the "Good Neighbor Policy" to improve relationships with Latin American countries.
The session focused on attracting investment, as the prime minister said that Jordan since its establishment before one hundred year worked on guaranteeing the good neighbor policy with all parties.
The United States could return to the spirit of FDR's Good Neighbor policy or, even better, JFK's Alliance for Progress, and use Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras as examples of what creative American policies could do.
For many politicians in the south, the Good Neighbor Policy in Latin America seemed to have established a new and positive pattern in relations between the United States and the rest of the hemisphere.
Instead of sinking billions into a wall, perhaps a $25 billion investment in a revised Good Neighbor policy is better worth considering.
Iran should relent in its provocation of unrest in Bahrain and should adhere to the good neighbor policy, the statement read.
Kaiser does not make that error, giving his book a more nuanced treatment of the Destroyers for Bases deal and the role of the Good Neighbor Policy.
When approved, Aimco residents sign the company's Good Neighbor Policy as part of their lease--a promise of good behavior and consideration for their neighbors.
China has already made a big impact on the regional politics in Southeast Asia by implementing its 'soft power' by using different peaceful tactics such as, good neighbor policy, trade, investment, development aid and cultural and educational exchanges.
NARR has developed a set of recovery home standards, including a good neighbor policy, that can help operators put best practices in place that can improve community relations.
In its early years, combined with decent behavior from the Good Neighbor Policy, US officials negotiated with their Mexican counterparts and were careful not to aggravate their allies in a precarious time of war.
The "good neighbor policy" occurs when a fire or water loss occurs in a neighboring unit or home, and it is key to commence contact immediately with the carrier for the other home.