good Samaritan law

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good′ Samar′itan law`

a law exempting from liability physicians or others who aid strangers in grave physical distress.

Good Samaritan Law

n. Ley del buen samaritano, protección legal al facultativo o a otras personas que prestan ayuda médica en casos de emergencia.
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This brings us to the Good Samaritan Law, an internationally recognised piece of legislation that protects the role of people who help others in trouble like someone who is injured and needs medical attention.
A Republican-backed bill that sought to amend the Good Samaritan law in Gov.
One of the commission's recommendations called for introducing a Good Samaritan law.
Enacting a Good Samaritan law to allow people to call 911 for a potential opioid overdose;
In order to expand the reach of the Supreme Court judgment, many States are now even warming up to the idea of a State Good Samaritan Law.
So if you're walking down the hallway, and someone collapses and you offer assistance, even though you're not the patient's physician, in some states you'll be covered by the Good Samaritan law," Dr.
As a result of the outrage the video caused, Chinese politicians in Guangdong's major city Shenzhen passed a Good Samaritan Law in 2013 to protect those who help others.
Enact a Good Samaritan Law providing immunity for those seeking to help themselves or others experiencing an overdose;
Does the UAE have a Good Samaritan Law that protects a bystander if he were to help out?
By passing a Good Samaritan law in New Jersey, we will better prepare our state to respond rapidly and efficiently to the next Super-storm Sandy.
Lawyers said the state's Good Samaritan Law would not likely apply to saving the life of a pet, but Roger Banks who practices in Spencer, said he'd use a "necessity defense.
There was no Good Samaritan law in Japan so he could have been liable if Silva had died.