cui bono

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cui bo·no

 (kwē′ bō′nō)
Utility, advantage, or self-interest considered as the determinant of value or motivation.

[From Latin cui bonō (est), for whom (it is) of advantage : cui, dative of quī, who + bonō, dative of bonum, advantage.]

cui bono

(kwiː ˈbəʊnəʊ)
for whose benefit? for what purpose?

cui bo•no

(kʊɪ ˈboʊ noʊ; Eng. ˈkwi ˈboʊ noʊ, ˈkaɪ-)
for whose benefit?

cui bono

A Latin phrase meaning for whose good.
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This buoyant outcome was driven overwhelmingly by makers of capital good for whom the positive balance was 17 per cent.