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Xiaomi is offering over 700,000 hours of content and the "Google Voice Search" will let users search for movies and TV shows.
The phenomenon was dramatically validated in August when Kleiner Perkins analyst and venture capitalist Mary Meeker cited the expansion of voice in her "2017 Internet Trends Report." She credited its popularity to the growth of voice search on mobile devices (attributable primarily to Google Voice Search).
It has added features such as the touchpad and the Google Voice Search function.
Google voice search and Siri have the highest usage, with 11 percent of smartphone users using the technology at least once a week, while Alexa follows at four percent.
Besides, Google Voice Search is supported by a significant number of languages with a high degree of accuracy.
Assistance tools such as Google voice search ( OK Google") and Google Now already come as standard on Android devices, but they're a bit piecemeal and don't offer the one-stop-shop digital assistant package promised by Cortana and Apple's Siri.
Microsoft's answer to Siri and Google Voice Search -- Cortana -- works well and catches the accent fast.
Google voice search is expanding to other languages including German, French, and Japanese.
The free Google Voice Search Hotword extension has for spoken terms by adding an always-listening trigger, rather than requiring users to actually click the microphone button, the Verge reports.
Today, Google Voice Search lives on Apple as well as Android devices.
The newest version of Slovoed dictionaries integrates next-generation Google features, such as Google Goggles and Google Voice Search, as well as Paragon's own PenReader handwriting recognition tool, which allows users to enter search text in their own handwriting.