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n.1.Ghost; spirit.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(13) In his "Life of Our Lady" Lydgate describes Mary as "Chrystes temple, and also Receptacle/Of the holy goost, and chosen tabernacle" (III 349-50).
(3.) Kisielinski K, Miltner O, Sellhaus B, Kruger S, Goost H, Siebert CH.
Sapience reassures his addressee: 'Now restfuller in thy goost be withynne | hat ouer ferd art.' (90)
Frutes of the Holy Goost (STC 13608) and two indulgenced images of pity (STC 14077c.
Similarly, the attack on the religious, the modern Pharisees, which closes both commentary and tract, ends with an appeal to God to save good Christians from this "yvel that is synne agenes the Holy Goost." This is a reference to the commentary's application of the Pater Noster's seventh petition to a specific request for deliverance from the sin against the Holy Spirit, an application which, as stated above, is found in other expositions.
receptis de denariis collectis per garciones villae Ripon hoc anno et datis tam ad novam cellaturam parcell' del Rooff in navi ecclesiae praedictae quam pro nova factura cujusdam nebulae pro lee Holy Goost, ut patet indentura inter dictos garciones et istum computantem confecta super hunc compotum ostensa.
when a spook arrives on stage, but in St Helens they all chanted: 'It's a goost!'
[153.sup.v]) The concluding section of this conflated version returns to the Charter for its closing paragraph, and the text then ends with a striking red and black drawing of an abbey and the words 'Abbathia sancte Spiritus Here endi[thorn] a book [thorn]at is cleped [thorn]e abbey of [thorn]e / holy goost [thorn]e whiche is founded in clene conscience' (fol.
Thus Liberum Arbitrium is able, Piers says, to knock down "the pouke pureliche thorugh grace and help of the Holy Goost" (51-52).
At the very beginning of his diatribe, he makes his eponymous hero Jack declare how God created 'lordis to represente the power of the Fadir; preestis the wisdom of the Sone; and the comouns to presente the good lastinge wille of the Holi Goost'.(64)