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n.1.A goat.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He was a Frenchman, und he was a goot man-naturalist to the bone.
One time Bertran says to me dot he will be married, because he ha~ found a girl dot was goot, and he inquire if this marrying idea was right.
"It is for the reasson, my goot sir," said he, speaking with a German accent, "for the reasson zat ze Emperor knows zat.
"Dot iss goot," Olaf Henderson muttered, regarding the gambler with profound admiration.
“Richart,” said Major Hartmann, turning his grave countenance toward the gentleman he addressed, with much earnestness, “ter poy is goot. He savet your life, and my life, and ter life of i’ominie Grant, and ter life of ter Frenchman; and, Richard, he shall never vant a pet to sleep in vile olt Fritz Hartmann has a shingle to cover his het mit.”
Here, trink dis, like a goot veller, und don't gry now - don't!"
Come, then, and take a goot hug from him, my Tina," said the Professor, catching her up with a laugh, and holding her so high over his head that she had to stoop her little face to kiss him.
"It is not goot to tink of anybody suffering," she said, in a melancholy voice.
"Herr Booteraidge, we are chust to start!" repeated the white moustache, and then helplessly, "What is de goot? What can we do?"
Goot said he told the students that his fraternity at San Diego State University used to sell coffee in a stairwell to fund a composition contest.
While Mayer would have appreciated this acknowledgement of his work, and the fact that the entire lecture is now downloadable as a podcast (at, as Goot suggests, what he would have appreciated even more is the opportunity that this lecture might have afforded for further debate on the topic of the press, and the media more generally.
In an attempt to show the benefits of reinforced behavioral variability on learning in humans, Maes and van der Goot (2006) conducted a similar study with undergraduate students who responded on two computer keys.