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 (gō′po͝or-əm) also go·pu·ra (-po͝or-ə)
1. An entrance building to a Hindu temple in southern India, often topped by a tiered tower of massive proportions and intricate decoration.
2. A similar entrance to a Cambodian Hindu and Buddhist temple from the period of the Khmer empire, often of cruciform shape and topped by a small central tower.

[Hindi gopuram, alteration (probably influenced by Hindi go Sanskrit gauḥ, go-, cow) of Tamil kōpuram, gopuram : , king + puram, fortress (from Sanskrit puram, from pūr, pur-, rampart, fortress; see pelə- in Indo-European roots).]


(Architecture) a gateway tower of an Indian temple
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Smart Creations has completed over 4500 plus Swarna Mandir (Golden Temple) projects across the Globe with gold plated Kalasams, Kodimarams or Dhwajasthambams, Kavachams, Temple doors, wall panels, Vimanams or Gopurams and their Shikharas, entire mandapams, Utsava idols and such.
Tenders are invited for annual white washing cement painting and painting to mandapams gopurams and vahana mandapams matt finish painting to prakaram walls and sthalapuranam for sri vari brahmostavams 2019 at tirumala
Tall colourful temple towers called gopurams dot the city's skyline.
Visitors can explore its colourful gopurams (towers), marvel at its Dravidian architecture, and even take part in one of its many services that are hosted in English.
Among the most striking aspects are the 12 gopurams, with the tallest one in the south rising to a height of 150 metres and dominating the city.
The Arunachaleshvara temple in Tiruvannamalai, for instance, is not a single temple, but a large complex, almost a campus of sorts, characterized by an enclosed precinct with prakaras (concentric rectangular stone walls) and gopurams (sacred gateways) (figure 8).
The temple, built by King Rajaraja Cholan, has three gopurams leading to the main temple which has a soaring vimana on the sanctum sanctorum.
Tenders are invited for Construction of ornamental gopurams on steps way
As many as seven gopurams will be built in the premises of the temple and most of the work has already been completed with remaining work reaching its final phase, official sources said.
Spread over 60,000 sq mts, comprising 12 gopurams, exquisite pillars, carvings, sculptures depicting various stories and incidents from the Puranas and epics, intriguing ceiling art, and a stunning edifice called the 1,000 Pillar Hall, it is a mesmerising place full of assorted sounds and myriad colours.
Tenders are invited for Providing temporary illumination to gopurams and temples on the occasion of sri ramanavami 2019
This temple, like many other temples in South India, is a fine example of the Dravidian style of architecture and is remarkable for its lofty gates known locally as Gopurams.