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 (gôr′dn), Charles George 1833-1885.
British general noted for his role in colonial wars in China and North Africa. He was killed when Khartoum fell to a Mahdist army.


, Jeff Born 1971.
American stock car driver who won the Daytona 500 race in 1995, 1997, and 2005 and is one of a small number of drivers who has won the national stock car championship series four times or more.


1. (Biography) Adam Lindsay. 1833–70, Australian poet and horseman, born in the Azores, who developed the bush ballad as a literary form, esp in Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes (1870)
2. (Biography) Charles George, known as Chinese Gordon. 1833–85, British general and administrator. He helped to crush the Taiping rebellion (1863–64), and was governor of Sudan (1877–80), returning in 1884 to aid Egyptian forces against the Mahdi. He was killed in the siege of Khartoum
3. (Biography) Sir Donald. born 1930, South African businessman
4. (Biography) Dexter (Keith). 1923–90, US jazz tenor saxophonist
5. (Biography) Lord George. 1751–93, English religious agitator. He led the Protestant opposition to legislation relieving Roman Catholics of certain disabilities, which culminated in the Gordon riots (1780)
6. (Biography) George Hamilton. See (4th Earl of) Aberdeen2


(ˈgɔr dn)

Charles George (“Chinese Gordon”; “Gordon Pasha” ), 1833–85, British administrator in China and Egypt.