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1. A member of a Rajput ethnic group predominant in Nepal.
2. A member of this people serving in the British or Indian armies.

[Nepalese, from Sanskrit gorakṣaḥ, cowherd : Sanskrit gauḥ, cow; see gwou- in Indo-European roots + Sanskrit rakṣati, he protects.]
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(ˈɡʊəkɑː; ˈɡɜːkə)
n, pl -khas or -kha
1. (Peoples) a member of a Hindu people, descended from Brahmins and Rajputs, living chiefly in Nepal, where they achieved dominance after being driven from India by the Muslims
2. (Military) a member of this people serving as a soldier in the Indian or British army
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(ˈgɜr kə, ˈgʊər-)

a Nepalese soldier in the British or Indian army.
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Noun1.Gurkha - a member of the Nepalese force that has been part of the British army for 200 yearsGurkha - a member of the Nepalese force that has been part of the British army for 200 years; known for fierceness in combat
soldier - an enlisted man or woman who serves in an army; "the soldiers stood at attention"
2.Gurkha - a member of Hindu people descended from brahmins and Rajputs who live in Nepal
Nepalese, Nepali - a native or inhabitant of Nepal
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[ˈgɜːkə] Ngurkha mf, gurja mf
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nGurkha mf
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Summary: Guwahati (Assam) [India], Sep 5 (ANI): Members of the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP) on Thursday claimed that the names of more than one lakh Gorkhas belonging to the community are missing from the NRC final list.
The NRC has excluded about 100,000 Gorkhas and has evoked mixed reactions from the community in the country's east and northeast.
"There is a reason why Gorkhas have lost faith in the government.
The party sources said the Gorkhas feel that the candidate of any national party is always driven by the party's own agenda.
"All this talk about over 1 lakh Gorkhas being left out of NRC roll is a rumour and has no basis in facts.
" It is sad that the state government and the Centre have been playing with the sentiments of the Gorkhas. It is sad that the government is trying to demolish our democratic movement," Roshan Giri, the GJM general secretary, said on Tuesday.
"Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangha sought Constitutional safeguard of Gorkhas in implementation of Clause 6 of Assam Accord and requested him a speedy implementation of MHA Notification on D Voters of Gorkhas with necessary corrections and bring about an early resolution of D Voters issues," said Tamang.
Demanding more power for the Gorkha Territorial Administration (GTA) and citing the state government's decision to introduce Bengali as a "compulsory" language in state schools as a sign of cultural usurpation and an attack on the ethnicity of the Gorkhas, GJM and its supreme leader Bimal Gurung are on a war-path, trying to desperately revive the old agitation for a separate Gorkhaland state within India.
Chhatra Man Singh Gurung is said to have asked his Indian counterpart General Deepak Kapoor to restart in Nepal recruitment rallies for Nepalese Gorkhas in the Indian Army.
In a communication to the government of Assam, the MHA has listed various provisions to obviate the difficulties faced by Gorkhas in the matter of Indian citizenship.