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 (gûr′lĭts′, gœr′-)
A city of east-central Germany east of Dresden on the Polish border. It was founded c. 1200 and grew as a cloth-weaving center. A small part of the city on the eastern bank of the Neisse River was awarded to Poland after World War II.


(German ˈɡœrlɪts)
(Placename) a city in E Germany, in Saxony on the Neisse River: divided in 1945, the area on the E bank of the river becoming the Polish town of Zgorzelec. Pop: 58 518 (2003 est)


(ˈgœr lɪts)

a city in E Germany, on the Neisse River. 79,506.
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Aufgewachsen in Gorlitz, nach Berlin gezogen, um dort Kunst zu studieren, kam sie bei einer Vermieterin unter, der sie, wie sich herausstellte, trauen und vertrauen konnte.
Anderson found that shooting on location, including a former department store in Gorlitz, eastern Germany, with a huge atrium, bolstered the narrative.
But after the Allied armies invaded and pushed through Italy he was moved further and further north until he ended up at Stalag VIIIa in Gorlitz, Poland, from where his Long March would later set off.
Those include Frankfurt (Oder) with its counterpart Slubice on the eastern side, as well as Gorlitz and Polish Zgorzelec.
took away a limited edition print of John Lennon and Paul McCartney for PS60, while an Exakta camera with a One lucky music fan took away a limited edition print of John Lennon and Paul McCartney for PS60, while an Exakta camera with a collection of Meyer-Optik Gorlitz lenses made someone very happy.
Mamacuna, y Mamachacuni, Mamacocha y Mamacoca, Pachamana o Zaramama ponen de manifiesto, de acuerdo con la detallada investigacion realizada por Ana Maria Mariscotti de Gorlitz, "una fuerza espiritual materna.
Produced by Studio Babelsberg (with five million euros of German funding) and shot in nearby Gorlitz, Anderson's film enjoyed a definite home field advantage in Berlin and was rewarded with the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize.
In May 2012, their passengers "room77," which includes former FC Bayern Munich player Andreas Gorlitz, reached a respectable spot in the charts with their song "Finale dahoam.
This is shocking news to me," said Karan's former team mate Michael Gorlitz.
continues VP of Communications at CLC bio, Lasse Gorlitz, and adds, "We're looking forward to see what compelling results our customers and partners potentially can achieve with this system