Gospel According to John

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Noun1.Gospel According to John - the last of the four Gospels in the New Testament
New Testament - the collection of books of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, the Pauline and other epistles, and Revelation; composed soon after Christ's death; the second half of the Christian Bible
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(How many books can you name that quote both Noam Chomsky and Madeleine Delbrel, Peter Geach and Galileo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Jean-Baptiste Perrin, Alan Turing and the Gospel according to John?) In short, interested nonspecialists will probably learn a good deal from this book, both about its eponymous subject and about the communication of a scientific discovery-in-the-making.
GOOD DAY It was John McDonnell's day, a speech that was the socialist gospel according to John.
They are from the 12th chapter of the Gospel according to John. Some Greeks who have heard of Jesus and his teaching wish to meet him.
Twenty-six times 'the hour' of Jesus is referred to in the gospel according to John. It is not chronological time, but the divinely designated process of Jesus' return in glory to His heavenly Father.
the signs in John could be compared to the prophets' symbolic actions in the Hebrew Scriptures (The Gospel According to John, Doubleday, 1996).
However, the Gospel According to John does refer to him as a "bandit," which was a term also used for "revolutionary," so we'll let that slide.) Caiaphas is more like Mayor Carcetti on "The Wire" a little bit corrupt, sure, but somewhere down there wants to do good, or at least just wants things to go easy, but is subject to other, more powerful forces.
The Gospel According to John, commonly referred to as the Gospel of John or simply John, is an anonymous account of the public ministry of Jesus.
Estes, a postdoctoral research fellow at Dominican Biblical Institute, presents a study of the gospel according to John that focuses on Jesus' use of questions.
Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed quoted from the Bible: "...Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another (Gospel According to John 13: 34)." (ANI)
Readings were given from the sixth chapter of the letter of St Paul to the Ephesians and the sixth chapter of the Gospel according to John. During the service, Mr Chambers baptised and welcomed into the fellowship of the Church, Calleigh Adams and Phoebe Stephenson.
(27) Raymond Brown, The Gospel according to John, 2 vols.
What is the purpose behind the Gospel according to John? A quick perusal through any Bible study section of a local religious bookstore will reveal that there are as many answers to that question as there are authors.