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New York City. The nickname was popularized by Washington Irving and others in Salmagundi, a series of satirical sketches (1807-1808), and makes reference to English popular tales about Gotham, a village near Nottingham, England, whose villagers were depicted as feigning stupidity and foolishness in order to avoid government impositions.

Goth′am·ite′ (-ə-mīt′) n.


(Placename) US an informal name for New York


(ˈgɒθ əm, ˈgoʊ θəm)

a nickname for New York City.
Goth′am•ite`, n.
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Leisurely and with something of an air I strolled along with my heart expanding at the thought that I was a citizen of great Gotham, a sharer in its magnificence and pleasures, a partaker in its glory and prestige.
Thus, then, did these three worthies embark in their cockleshell of a skiff upon this nocturnal expedition, with a wisdom and valor equaled only by the three wise men of Gotham,[1] who adventured to sea in a bowl.
1] "Three wise men of Gotham, They went to sea in a bowl-- And if the bowl had been stronger, My tale had been longer.
1] Gotham was a village proverbial for the blundering simplicity of its inhabitants.
Gotham City Online is one of the largest internet retailers on eBay.
But what made Pyg so antagonistic towards the Gotham City Police District (GCPD)?
of the Americas places Gotham in proximity to its properties, including residential buildings New Gotham, The Foundry and Nicole, and to its many construction sites throughout the city.
Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) is unlike any other kid in Gotham City.
2 million deal for the Gotham Book Mart and Gallery, the literary landmark in existence in New York since 1920.