Gothic romance

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Noun1.Gothic romance - a romance that deals with desolate and mysterious and grotesque events
romance - a novel dealing with idealized events remote from everyday life
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Having said that, I also understand that not everyone is in the mood for gothic romance.
Through the lens of gothic theory and critical regionalism, I consider the ways that specific Mexican American cultures are evoked through the plot elements of a popular genre like the gothic romance.
The event for celebs, fashion designers, stylists, buyers and bloggers, in partnership with Flannels womenswear and menswear showcasing their autumn and winter 2016 collections, followed last year's nude tones, blue hues and gothic romance events.
Thrash offers her readers a complicated and twisty tale that blends noir mystery, gothic romance, and dark humor.
WELCOME the dark side into your new season wardrobe - with Halloween around the corner we're embracing gothic romance.
From the gorgeous costumes to the elaborate set, the audience are transported to a world where Gothic romance rubs shoulders with the everyday.
BIN - ponchos, bulky puffa jackets, tweed and checks, faux fur coats, body con dresses, sheepskin boots, gothic romance and velvet.
After throwing off the cloak of anonymity and admitting authorship in the "Preface to the Second Edition," Walpole, whose work Hawthorne read and referenced in letters and journals (Lundblad, Gothic Romance 26; Ginsberg 28), announces that his Gothic tale is "an attempt to blend two kinds of romance, the ancient and the modern.
Crimson Peak is a visually opulent gothic romance set in 19th century New York and snow-laden Cumbria.
Sleeping Beauty is coming to Birmingham, complete with fairies, a Gothic romance, gorgeous costumes, dramatic music - and vampires.
WHAT do you get when you mix Twilight-style Gothic romance with Merchant Ivory tea parties and modern hoodies?
Critique: As a novelist, Tessa Dawn is a master of heroic fantasy and gothic romance.