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or Göt·ter·däm·mer·ung  (gŏt′ər-dăm′ə-rŭng′, gœt′ər-dĕm′ə-ro͝ong′)
A turbulent ending of a regime or an institution: "The nation had been flirting with forms of götterdämmerung, with extremes of vocabulary and behavior and an appetite for violent resolution" (Lance Morrow).

[After Götterdämmerung, , an opera by Richard Wagner, from German, twilight of the gods : Götter, genitive pl. of Gott, god (from Middle High German got, from Old High German; see gheu(ə)- in Indo-European roots) + Dämmerung, twilight (from Middle High German demerunge, from Old High German demerunga, from demar, twilight).]
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(ˌɡɒtəˈdɛməˌrʊŋ; German ɡœtərˈdɛmərʊŋ)
(European Myth & Legend) German myth the twilight of the gods; their ultimate destruction in a battle with the forces of evil. Norse equivalent: Ragnarök
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(ˌgɒt ərˈdæm əˌrʊŋ, -ˌrʌŋ)

2. total destruction or downfall, as or as if in a great final battle.
[1875–80; < German, =Götter, pl. of Gott God + Dämmerung twilight]
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A German word meaning twilight of the gods, a time when the gods of German mythology perish in combat with the forces of evil.
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Noun1.Götterdämmerung - myth about the ultimate destruction of the gods in a battle with evilGotterdammerung - myth about the ultimate destruction of the gods in a battle with evil
myth - a traditional story accepted as history; serves to explain the world view of a people
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The three gentlemen rotated in the pool breast high, after the fashion of the nymphs in Gotterdammerung. But either because the rains had given a freshness or because the sun was shedding a most glorious heat, or because two of the gentlemen were young in years and the third young in spirit--for some reason or other a change came over them, and they forgot Italy and Botany and Fate.
The RSNO's 2019/20 Season begins in October, but not before the orchestra make two appearances at Edinburgh International Festival, the first with a performance of Strauss and MacMillan with Edward Gardner on Saturday 10 August 2019, and the second with Sir Andrew Davis for their performance of Gotterdammerung on Sunday 25 August 2019.
The content of this score reveals all the influences important to Elgar during this late launch of his career as a composer: Wagner (naturally, given the importance of Gotterdammerung's Norse gods and of the Flying Dutchman's Norway setting), Verdi's open-hearted lyricism, and the pastoralism of Dvorak, whose work was played under Elgar's baton.
For me, the first word - without any premature brainstorming - is 'Gotterdammerung.' Quite literally, the German term for 'Twilight of the Gods.' Ragnarok if you will.
Gotterdammerung, meaning "twilight of the gods" is the name of an opera by whom?
The end comes with a note of mind-chilling irony that seems to herald Gotterdammerung.
Neighbouring buildings go up in flames, the Cafe de Paris's glittering sign (a striking item shaped like an art deco diamond brooch) and its gorgeous staircase are wrecked in blazing fires suitable for Wagner's Gotterdammerung and the dancing stops as the sirens wail.
6: Die Capelle; Wagner: Gotterdammerung, March funebre de Siegfried pour 4 horns (arr.
Opera North's first complete Ring Cycle at Leeds Town Hall concludes with Gotterdammerung on Saturday May 21.
The elevation of the found object and the devotion to chance, key procedures in the work of both those artists, unexpectedly achieved an apotheosis in the tinkling piano of Tinguely's own Homage to New York, 1960, a piece that, at its premiere in the gardens of the old Museum of Modern Art, New York, famously collapsed into flames--the unanticipated Gotterdammerung of a vital new mode.
Wagner's finale to Gotterdammerung and Bruckner's Romantic Symphony.