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(French ɡurmɔ̃)
(Biography) Remy de (rəmi də). 1858–1915, French symbolist critic and novelist



Remy de, 1858–1915, French writer.
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The energumene is tied to matter and to flesh, his behavior resembles that of an animal, although Gourmont hesitates as to which animal might best illustrate his nature: the ant?
We hear nothing of Eliot's predecessors or contemporaries in criticism, of Symons, Babbitt, Santayana, de Gourmont, Pound, Middleton Murry; nothing in detail of The Criterion and its relations with other journals; nothing of Richards, Leavis, or Eliot's Bloomsbury affiliations.
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The Frenchmen mentioned are Felix Feneron, Remy de Gourmont, Octave Mirbeau, Stuart Merrill, Adolphe Rette and Marcel Schwob; but there was a considerable degree of variation in the relations of these men with anarchism, with Wilde and even with Symbolism.
But his range of reference from Homer and Heraclitus to D'Annunzio and Remy de Gourmont, and his ability, at his recurrent best, to encapsulate an ambitious metaphysic in crystalline forms, always awed Seferis and clearly lies behind his last book.
40) Although we have few details about the courses available at the College royal for the study of Greek, it is striking that the vogue for partial editions of Homer in Paris coincides with the institution of the chairs in Greek: Book 1 of the Odyssey as well as the Batrachomyomachia (The Battle between the Mice and Frogs) and the Homeric Hymns edited by Jean Cheradame in 1530 and published by Gilles de Gourmont, and books 1-3 and 4-6 of the Iliad and books 1-2 of the Odyssey, published by Chretien Wechel the same year.
27) Remy de Gourmont, "Le Joujou Patriotisme," Mercure de France, 2 (1891), p.
703), with the comment by Remy de Gourmont that Mallarme had touched it up for the new edition: "Le maitre, en nous la laissant reproduire, a voulu, toujours si soigneux artiste, revoir et retoucher son travail d'alors" ("The master, in permitting us to reproduce it, wanted, the always careful artist that he was, to review it and touch up his former work") (Oeuvres, p.
Both Bochner and Chefdor indicate the nature and extent of his extensive reading, but a few of the most influential figures--Remy de Gourmont particularly--have dropped out of sight for English readers.
4) This map, which follows that of Abraham Ortelius in its geographical features, is derived from one made by Jean de Gourmont c.
Rene de Gourmont suggested that the past must constantly be re-invented.