n.1.Management; mastery.
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was governal, so that the guverneur are indeed the steersmen or helmsmen.
Yseut is given to "the sick men" (not specifically lepers, 252-53); Guenevere is condemned to death for giving a poisoned apple to Sir Gaheris, not for being caught in adultery (279-87); the forest dwelling of Tristan and Yseut is a frescoed palace surrounded by gardens (256-59); Governal, Yseut, Tristan and Brangain's actions on the wedding night to fool King Mark are described in detail (208-09).
The lovers are in dire need: why have they not sent Governal to sell the ring?
Out of the title of William Caxton's Governal of health, which translates the title of his original, the Latin Regimen sanitatis, springs a nonexistent author called Governal, who is said to have written the book.
In one of the most important sections of the book, Brecher and Costello show that the negotiation of such agreements as NAFTA and GATT did not basically concern free trade, in the historic sense of the movement of goods among nation-states, but rather set out to eliminate governal regulations that might impede investment or profit maximization.
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