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In tiny Switzerland there has been government ownership from the first, but with less detriment to the business than elsewhere.
They advocated government ownership of such trusts as the railroads and telegraphs, and excessive income taxes, graduated with ferocity, to destroy large accumulations.
The integral link with the government is based on Pemex's full and stable government ownership and tight oversight by the state, the service added.
18% of the voting rights, split approximately equally between direct government ownership and a joint stake with public investment group Bpifrance Participations.
In view of the effective majority government ownership, the state funding line in place, and IBK's importance to the industrial sector in Kuwait, the Support Rating is maintained at '2', incorporating a very high probability of support from the Kuwaiti government in case of need.
NS) have CAR at less than 12 percent, with government ownership close to 51 percent.
Fitch no longer believes that franchise and/or level of government ownership should necessarily lead to a difference in banks' SRFs in the case of Qatar.
The ratings are backed by the bank's government ownership and its stable financial position.
The mortgage lender, which was taken into government ownership in February this year, has reduced the loan it received from the government from GBP17.

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