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Noun1.sovereign immunity - an exemption that precludes bringing a suit against the sovereign government without the government's consent; "the doctrine of sovereign immunity originated with the maxim that the king can do no wrong"
granting immunity, exemption, immunity - an act exempting someone; "he was granted immunity from prosecution"
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When the legislature codified governmental immunity in 1964, it specifically reduced the purview of the highway exception statute.
Second, the court must find that neither the state nor a state official can assert sovereign or governmental immunity for violations of the state bill of rights.
A Michigan Court of Appeals panel ruled for the defendant on governmental immunity after a pedestrian was struck and killed by a University of Michigan bus.
Focus: Governmental Immunity Personal Injury Claim Ethan Hilbert appeals a summary judgment dismissing his personal injury claim against Dunn County and its insurer on the grounds of governmental immunity.
In their answer to the complaint, the school defendants argued, among other things, that state law provided them with governmental immunity from liability for negligence.
The Michigan Supreme Court was asked to decide if the recreational land use act (RUA), MCL 300.201; MSA 13.1485, creates an exception to the governmental immunity created by the state's governmental tort liability act (GTLA), MCL 691.1407 (1); MSA 3.996(107) (1).
08-97835, 4 pages), a Michigan Court of Appeals panel affirmed the Saginaw County Circuit Court's denial of the defendant's motion for summary disposition based on governmental immunity.<br />The May 24 unpublished per curiam opinion was issued by Judges Patrick M.
Finally, the court rejected the plaintiffs' state-law contract and tort claims based on insufficient evidence and governmental immunity respectively.
A plaintiff who sued a county road commission after a head-on collision on a road narrowed by snowbanks couldn't overcome governmental immunity.<br />In Diem v.
Focus: Wisconsins Governmental Immunity Statue Kewaunee County appeals a nonfinal order denying its motion for summary judgment seeking the dismissal of Ross Schmelzers personal injury action.
In the Armijo case, the trial court dismissed the plaintiffs' negligence claim based on governmental immunity under New Mexico law.
A Michigan Court of Appeals panel upheld a lower court ruling that a Lansing utility worker who accidentally burned down a resident's home is not entitled to governmental immunity. However, the panel also agreed with the Ingham County Circuit Court's dismissal of the case against the utility itself based on immunity.

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