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Noun1.William Bligh - British admiralWilliam Bligh - British admiral; was captain of the H.M.S. Bounty in 1789 when part of the crew mutinied and set him afloat in an open boat; a few weeks later he arrived safely in Timor 4,000 miles away (1754-1817)
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Ironically, King was replaced by a man who already had a bad record with mutineers: the infamous Captain Bligh of the Bounty would become Governor Bligh of the Rum Rebellion.
Turnbull's only claim to colonial cred is that he is a descendant of Hawkesbury settlers who supported Governor Bligh, which is hardly a radical lineage.
There is much to learn here, and many surprises beyond the well-known events such as the arrest of Governor Bligh in 1808 or the dismissal of Premier Lang in 1932.

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