Cape Colony

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Cape Colony

(Placename) the name from 1652 until 1910 of the former Cape Province of South Africa

Cape′ of Good` Hope′

1. a cape in S Africa, in the SW Republic of South Africa.
2. Also called Cape′ Prov`ince. Formerly, Cape Colony. a province in the Republic of South Africa. 7,443,500; 277,169 sq. mi. (717,868 sq. km).Cap.: Cape Town.
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Noun1.Cape Colony - a former province of southern South Africa that was settled by the Dutch in 1652 and ceded to Great Britain in 1814; in 1994 it was split into three new provinces of South Africa
Republic of South Africa, South Africa - a republic at the southernmost part of Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1910; first European settlers were Dutch (known as Boers)
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The 1st Lord Loch, formerly Sir Henry Brougham Loch, was governor of the Cape Colony, also of Melbourne, and finally the Isle of Man.
Sir George Grey, the Governor of the Cape Colony from 1854 to 1861, was instrumental in developing a segregationist rule.
Which means that, like just about everywhere else around here with a bit of history behind it, the 'Simon' in Simon's Town refers to one Mr van der Stel, the first Governor of the Cape Colony, who rather modestly named it after himself.

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