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 (gou′ər, gôr′), John 1325?-1408.
English poet who wrote allegorical and didactic works in Latin, French, and English. Best known is his Confessio Amantis (1386-1390?).
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(Placename) the Gower a peninsula in S Wales, in Swansea county on the Bristol Channel: mainly agricultural with several resorts


1. (Biography) David (Ivon). born 1957, English cricketer: played in 117 test matches (1978–1992), 32 as captain; scored 8,231 test runs
2. (Biography) John. ?1330–1408, English poet, noted particularly for his tales of love, the Confessio Amantis
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(ˈgaʊ ər, gɔr, goʊr)

John, 1325?–1408, English poet.
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He began to question me closely about Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street.
John Gower. 'The Vision Concerning Piers the Plowman.' Wiclif and the Lollard Bible, about 1380.
The grave Gower, announcing in advance a sermon of several hours, begged him to be seated, and to the murmur of his wise talk, his head leaning on the window frame, the child slept peacefully.
There is the articled clerk, who has paid a premium, and is an attorney in perspective, who runs a tailor's bill, receives invitations to parties, knows a family in Gower Street, and another in Tavistock Square; who goes out of town every long vacation to see his father, who keeps live horses innumerable; and who is, in short, the very aristocrat of clerks.
You'll come, Gower, and you, Mansel, and you, Scanlan, and the two Willabys."
Maureen, who owns the same picture, named her brother-inlaw Cyril Gower and his brothers.
TAKING its name from the winds that sweep across Gower bringing fog and rain and turning the tourist hot-spot into a glowering wilderness, The South Westerlies is a kaleidoscopic collection of short stories taking the reader into the lives and minds of the area's inhabitants.
Telford's St Georges Partnership organised The Sand Sea and Sun event at the Gower centre.
Lumiansky, was a study of narrative technique in John Gower's Confessio Amantis.
Meindl translated Wickert's 1953 Studien zu John Gower in a small run from a coterie press, and here undertakes a second translation in order to make her important study of John Gower's (1325-1408) Latin and English poetry available to more English readers.
If you had a "mewse" (rabbit run) in your back garden, call scarecrows "bubbacks", think a worm should be called an "angletouch or talk of "inklemakers" (busy people), then you can claim a link to a centuries-old Gower dialect.
The unbeaten 20-year-old oozed class as he dismantled Leon Gower, breaking the powerful Burton fighter's spirit with ramrod jabs, then introducing wicked, whiplash hooks to sap his strength.