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 (gou′ər, gôr′), John 1325?-1408.
English poet who wrote allegorical and didactic works in Latin, French, and English. Best known is his Confessio Amantis (1386-1390?).


(Placename) the Gower a peninsula in S Wales, in Swansea county on the Bristol Channel: mainly agricultural with several resorts


1. (Biography) David (Ivon). born 1957, English cricketer: played in 117 test matches (1978–1992), 32 as captain; scored 8,231 test runs
2. (Biography) John. ?1330–1408, English poet, noted particularly for his tales of love, the Confessio Amantis


(ˈgaʊ ər, gɔr, goʊr)

John, 1325?–1408, English poet.
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Others have been found on beaches along the Ceredigion coast, Pembrokeshire and on the Gower Peninsula, near Swansea.
VISITORS to the Gower Peninsula were left stunned as a wild dolphin treated them to this breathtaking acrobatic display.
Three Cliffs Bay on the Gower Peninsula, South Wales, got the nod for its sandy beaches and spectacular scenery.
MAfter sadly quashing his dreams of 'deep-sea hunting', we chatted excitedly about the things we still might find in the pools in the glorious Caswell Bay, on Swansea's Gower peninsula.
READER OFFER SAVE BOOK 10% BY 23 DECEMBER The Royal Mint Cardiff & the Gower Peninsula 3 June 2016 4 days from PS265 The Royal Mint originated over 1,000 years ago and has evolved into a sophisticated company which makes coins and medals for over 60 countries.
Because the worst storm to hit the Gower Peninsula is well on its way.
Ben Keith, 39, aims to complete the Gower 50 Run Walk Crawl Ultra Marathon - a 17-hour slog around his hometown in the Gower peninsula.
And Paul Heiney is on the north side of the north side of the beautiful Gower Peninsula to meet a sheep farmer who must regularly move his flocks to stop them drowning whenever there's a high tide.
Meanwhile, Liz is in Lancashire working with the RSPB and Paul is on the Gower peninsula learning how Salt Marsh lamb gets its diti ti flthe f rural "Ben.
PICKING a mark along Oxwich beach on the Gower peninsula in Wales, this week's winner baited up with Maddies on a Mitchell carp rod and reel combo using a size 4 hook on a 2ft fixed trace with 2oz lead.
Rhossili on the Gower peninsula in Wales has just been named the best beach in the UK for the second time by TripAdvisor.