n.1.See Gosherd.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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David Gozzard is a PhD student in experimental physics at The University of Western Australia where he works on developing signal stabilisation systems for the Square Kilometre Array telescope and other space-science applications.
"What?" "I (1986) didn't understand that." Brinton & Fujiki "Huh?" "What?" (1991) Blaylock, Scudder, & "What?" "I don't Wynne (1995) understand?" "I still don't understand." "Can you show me?" Ciocci and Baran "Huh?" "What?" "I do (1998) not understand." Volden (2004) "What?" "I don't understand." "Tell me another way." Gozzard, Baker, & "Did you say McCabe (2008) (incorrect production)?" Radford (2008) WH-qucstions, "Pardon?" "Say that again." "Oh I'm not sure what you're saying." "I don't know what that means." "Do you mean x?" Stockman et al.
Haf Thomas (101-34-67) won the Peggy Johnson Rose Bowl from Alicia Gozzard (98-30-68), Jill Price (90-20-70) the Gwyrch Goblet from Barbara Davies (95-21-74) and Cath Wright (98-28-70) the Gwyneth Prys Jones trophy from Val Evans (101-28-73).
Tribal Myth g Johannesburg - Shadow Play Keith and Debbie Hughes and Dr Jack Gozzard 668-131 RPR 63 Tough sort, who has won twice at Beverley this season.
Proximal and distal centralisers facilitate reproducible creation of a complete and uniform cement mantle around the prosthesis (Gozzard et al 2003).
Co-producers, Courtney Moorehead Balaker, Christopher Lockhart, Ben Weiss, Michael Gozzard. Directed by Marcus Dunstan.
Dr David Gozzard, medical director of North Wales NHS Trust, said: "The trust encourages very thorough and comprehensive reporting of safety incidents, to ensure that potential risks to patient safety are identified and addressed.
LORNA Gozzard, a personnel manager, 28, and Henry Stacey, 30, an IT manager, are buying a home in North London.
The crowd liked that buy Wagg quietened them by bowling Carl Gozzard and Ian Blackwell with successive balls in his first over.
Poles' Paul Gozzard saw his spectacular overhead kick tipped round the upright by Woan before a clash of heads saw the Combination side lose their top-scorer, Gareth Rooke.