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a.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to, or discovered by, Regnier de Graaf, a Dutch physician.
Graafian follicles
or vesicles, small cavities in which the ova are developed in the ovaries of mammals, and by the bursting of which they are discharged.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Morphological & functional relations of Graafian follicle growth to ovulation in women using ultrasonic, laparoscopic and biochemical measurements.
Our previous study confirmed a significant lengthening of the estrous cycle and the diestrus phase, and an increase in the progesterone concentration in female rats treated with dill extracts, but the stereological study did not reveal any changes in the volumes of ovaries, and the primary, secondary, and graafian follicles (3).
Graafian follicles are cooler than neighbouring ovarian tissues and deep rectal temperatures.
A recent study demonstrated that the expression levels of GDF9 and BMP15 proteins decreased in the early stages of folliculogenesis (primordial, primary and secondary follicles) and then reached the highest levels in the late stages of folliculogenesis (graafian follicles) in unstimulated ovarian tissues from PCOS patients (15).
The following sexual maturity states were established: immature females, specimens without corpora lutea, closed vulva, uterus poorly developed and vascularised, without placental scars; submature females, voles without corpora lutea but with secondary follicles and/or Graafian follicles in the ovary, open vulva, uterus poorly vascularised, without placental scars or embryos; active mature females, individuals with corpora lutea, uterus completely developed and well or scarcely vascularised, showing placental scars and/or embryos, and with open vulva; inactive mature females, specimens with corpora lutea, uterus completely developed and well or scarcely vascularised, with or without placental scars, without embryos and with closed vulva.
They were classified as follows [16]: primordial follicle (an oocyte surrounded by one layer of flattened granulosa cells), primary follicle (an oocyte surrounded by one layer of cuboidal granulosa cells), secondary follicle (diverse layers of cuboidal granulosa cells without antral space), tertiary follicle (diverse layers of cuboidal granulosa cells with antral space), and Graafian follicles (presence of cumulus and granulosa and theca cell layers).
Cystic lesions of the ovary are commonly seen in mammalians and have been described as lutein cysts and ovarian epithelial cysts or Graafian follicle cysts [25].
Further highlighting the potential significance of insufficient vascularisation in the aged ovary is the demonstration that oocytes retrieved from Graafian follicles with reduced vascularisation commonly present with spindle and chromosomal alterations similar to those witnessed in aged MII oocytes [80, 81].
Number of follicles decreased significantly with vitamin E supplementation (P<0.01), highest in cross-bred cows indicating quality graafian follicles with supplementation.
Graafian follicle (FIII) (an oocyte surrounded by zonapellucida, stratified layers of granulosa cells and a large antrum).
Just before ovulation in Graafian follicles, some thecal cells differentiate into hypertrophic cells and the follicular basement membrane fragments.