Graafian follicles

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or vesicles, small cavities in which the ova are developed in the ovaries of mammals, and by the bursting of which they are discharged.

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A recent study demonstrated that the expression levels of GDF9 and BMP15 proteins decreased in the early stages of folliculogenesis (primordial, primary and secondary follicles) and then reached the highest levels in the late stages of folliculogenesis (graafian follicles) in unstimulated ovarian tissues from PCOS patients (15).
They were classified as follows [16]: primordial follicle (an oocyte surrounded by one layer of flattened granulosa cells), primary follicle (an oocyte surrounded by one layer of cuboidal granulosa cells), secondary follicle (diverse layers of cuboidal granulosa cells without antral space), tertiary follicle (diverse layers of cuboidal granulosa cells with antral space), and Graafian follicles (presence of cumulus and granulosa and theca cell layers).
Number of follicles decreased significantly with vitamin E supplementation (P<0.01), highest in cross-bred cows indicating quality graafian follicles with supplementation.
Materials deposited between the cumulus cells of Graafian follicles in gonadotropin-treated mouse ovaries were stained with colloidal iron.
The stereological study did not reveal any significant changes in the volumes of ovaries, primary, secondary and graafian follicles (8).
significant enhancement on the reproductive function with a decrease in number and diameter of Graafian follicles in comparison to the normal structure.The role of Nigella sativa in the preservation of ovarian structure and function has not been explored in detail.
Follicles were characteristically divided to primordial follicles (an oocyte surrounded by a single layer of granulosa cells and a diameter <100 [micro]m), growing follicles (an oocyte surrounded by several layers of granulosa cells, without an antrum, and diameter of 100 to 300 [micro]m) or graafian follicles (a peripheral oocyte surrounded by cumulus cells and several layers of granulosa cells, an antrum, and diameter >300 [micro]m).