Graafian follicles

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or vesicles, small cavities in which the ova are developed in the ovaries of mammals, and by the bursting of which they are discharged.

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01), highest in cross-bred cows indicating quality graafian follicles with supplementation.
Just before ovulation in Graafian follicles, some thecal cells differentiate into hypertrophic cells and the follicular basement membrane fragments.
The stereological study did not reveal any significant changes in the volumes of ovaries, primary, secondary and graafian follicles (8).
significant enhancement on the reproductive function with a decrease in number and diameter of Graafian follicles in comparison to the normal structure.
35 ng/mL), which was assumed to be due to increased follicular development, followed by ovulation and corpus luteum formation or leutinization of Graafian follicles under estrogen-like activity of the plant extract.
The histological examination of the ovaries of both the aqueous and hexane extracts treated groups showed the presence of newly formed corpora lutea or Graafian follicles in all the rats.