Grab game

a theft committed by grabbing or snatching a purse or other piece of property.

See also: Grab

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At almost the same stage last season, the Blues were squeezing past Newcastle United in a grab game in front of cameras on a Monday night.
According to the requirements and indications from healthcare professionals, six games were developed: Piano (PI), Reach Game (RG), Sequence Game (SG), Grab Game (GG), Pinch Game (PG), and Flip Game (FG); each one of them focused on diverse rehabilitation workout.
The B's didn't come out and grab Game 7 by the throat right off the bat, and they looked sluggish at times, but Washington had a lot to do with that.
Allow editors to grab game footage for immediate publication while the game was still being recorded.
Stunning goal to open the scoring but failed to grab game by scruff of the neck.
Ian Black 6 Failed to grab game by scruff of the neck but kept it simple.
"It was a real smash and grab game in those windy conditions.
Never managed to grab game by the scruff of its neck.
However, the reality is whoever the Dragons appoint as coach, they also need to sign a proven on-field tactical general and leader who can grab games by the scruff of the neck.
He's a lovely kid but sometimes you have got to go out and grab games. Maybe it's not in his personality.