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noo·dle 1

A narrow, ribbonlike strip of dough, usually made of flour, eggs, and water.

[German Nudel, perhaps alteration of Knödel, dumpling (from late Middle High German) or perhaps from Ladin (dialect of the Dolomite Alps) menùdli, small square soup noodle (from Latin minūtulus, very small, diminutive of minūtus, small; see minute1).]

noo·dle 2

n. Slang
1. The human head.
2. A weak, foolish, or stupid person.

[Probably alteration of noddle.]

noo·dle 3

intr.v. noo·dled, noo·dling, noo·dles Slang
To improvise music on an instrument in an idle, haphazard fashion.


noo·dle 4

intr.v. noo·dled, noo·dling, noo·dles
To catch or try to catch a fish, usually a catfish, by hand, characteristically by allowing the fish to bite one's hand or placing one's hand in the fish's mouth, and then grabbing the fish by the mouth or through the gills.

[Origin unknown.]

noo′dler n.


(Music, other) slang aimless musical improvisation